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Architecture Design & Projection in Israel - KUBE

Service review

Designing and planning living spaces is a crucial task that requires the expertise of professionals or strict supervision from our designers.
Mistakes made during the planning phase can go unnoticed during construction but can cause significant inconvenience to the residents in the long run.
One critical element in the design process that professionals often make mistakes on is the staircase. However, with KUBE`s experienced designers, you can trust that your home's staircase will be optimized for space and location.

KUBE architecture and construction company to design and build the home of your dreams.

Architectural Planning

Client Interview

We will listen to all your wishes and carefully explore the conditions for designing a comfortable home.

Intermediate discussion

We show and discuss with the customer intermediate plans and design solutions.

final approval

The final design stage is the final agreement with the customer of all design elements. The beginning of the construction project preparation, budgeting, construction stages planing.


Yes, of course, we are completely customer-centric. You can take an active part in all stages of the design. Our main goal is to create such a design of the place so that you can live as comfortably as possible.

Yes, of course! We can perform a design audit of any project and offer solutions at your discretion.

Really true! We take into account the geographical location of the construction site, the location of the neighboring houses, elements of the structure of the area, and other characteristics when planning the project.

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